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Here you will find all important information related to Candy Caps. If you cannot an answer to your question, you are welcome to ask in the forum or discord.

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We have two types of currency here: Bonbon and Lollipop! All currency is tracked. The one you get from games, and also the currency you get from forum activities.

Currency Description
The Bonbon is the main currency on Candy Caps. You get this randomly through activities.
The Lollipop is the special currency on Candy Caps. This is rarely distributed. Rather you get this when you achieve a success.

You can exchange bonbons for different things in the store. The lollipop opens up new opportunities for you.


Tickets are the coupons from Candy Caps. These can be purchased in the shopping street through bonbons and lollipops. Here I will show you a few tickets.